Weber & Troseth Inc proudly serves the Minneapolis, and St Paul MN area. We have built our customer base through hard work and determination, something that has allowed us to become the company we are today. We take great pride in providing you with top-level service and promise complete satisfaction when choosing us for all of your installation and service of restaurant and industrial fire suppression system needs.


Family owned for over 100 years

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Originally named "G. A. Ashton Co.", We served the surrounding area with selling and refilling Pyrene fire extinguishers. Pictured below is an original pyrene extinguisher that we still have in the shop. On the right is an advertisement placed in the local paper for our serivces. 

Antique pyrene extinguisher
1914 Advertisement for pyrene extinguishers. Collection: Finance and Commerce of the Twin Cities. Published April 4 1914


in 1916 G.A. Ashton placed this full page illustrated ad in the local Minneapolis Star Tribune. It illustrated a handful of anecdotes where the pyrene extinguisher is essential to survival. These are not only applicable to the 1910s, but to today as well!

1916 advertisement for pyrene extinguishers. Published on April 23rd 1916 in the Minneapolis Tribune


In the mid-1930s, Mr. Weber and Paul Troseth purchased the company and changed the name to what we know today as Weber & Troseth Inc.


Raymond V. Wyland worked at G.A. Ashton as their book keeper. When the company was sold in the mid-1930s, he was laid off because his services were no longer needed. 

After a short period of Weber & Troseth Inc.'s purchase and re-naming, Weber left the business to sell cars in Iowa. Paul Troseth died a few years later and Paul's wife, Elsie Troseth put the business up for sale.


Raymond negotiated with Elsie to purchase the business. At the time the company sold auto parts, flexible tubing, Gas cans and fire extinguishers.

In the image to the right is Raymond with his wife Annie and their two oldest children.

Family photo of the old owner Raymond V Wyland with his wife and children


We sold Pyrene fire extinguishers until the 1950's until they were outlawed.

At which time they picked up General Fire Extinguishers as the brand they represented.


Raymond V. Wyland ran the company until the mid-1980s with his two sons Raymond A. and Roger. 

Ownership passed to Roger soon after and he still runs the company today.


Weber & Troseth sold General Fire Extinguishers until the early 2000's when General went out of business. At which time we became a dealer for Amerex Fire Extinguishers


Roger Wyland is the current owner and his son John helps run the company. Over the past 100 plus years, we have become a staple to the Saint Paul community and we are always excited to work with you!

Image of current owner Roger Wyland and his son John Wyland